Welcome to Blogmas 2020 : Annoucement

It’s the time of the year of lovely presents, delicious food and family. Given the fact that the year of 2020 has dampened the spirit of every holiday, I have decided to do something new this year to revive my holiday spirit.

I am going to participate in Blogmas this year.

I am being totally honest when I say that this is totally an impulsive decision and my posts are not at all scheduled. But I am working on that. For now, let’s just have a brief understanding of the term Blogmas for beginners just like me.

What is Blogmas?

It is an event occuring in December where bloggers come together and write posts until Christmas. It is not limited to any niche or any particular topic, the important part is posting content leading upto Christmas.

How Often Do I Post?

I have divided into three broad categories for participating:

  • Dream

In this category, you do the 31 Days of Blogmas. Yes, some bloggers post every single day until the New Year’s Eve. It sounds like a dream to me.

  • Target

In this category, you do the 25 Days of Blogmas. Some bloggers post every single day until Christmas and leave out the last week because we can agree holiday season is pretty busy.

  • Safety

In this category, you do the 12 Days of Blogmas. Posting every single day sounds too strenuous, so some bloggers post every alternate day until Christmas.

Writing content for the blog can be quite time consuming and overwhelming. Don’t pressurize yourself. You can decide how many days you want to post for Blogmas depending upon your time and your personal preference.

I am going to aim for my safety net and posts on alternate days until Christmas. I will keep a mix of Christmas related posts and my usual content.

What Do I Post?

Generally bloggers write about Christmas related things but it is totally up to you. Your Blog, Your Rules. So, there are no restrictions.

In a nutshell , I am extremely delighted to take up a challenge and talk about Christmas all month long. I am sticking to writing about Christmas for 12 days at least but if I run out of ideas I am going to mix it with some other topics. Lastly, I am not going be overwhelmed and stay calm.

Are you participating in Blogmas? Is there any topic you want me to talk about? Leave your Blogmas links below.

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Happy Holidays

23 thoughts on “Welcome to Blogmas 2020 : Annoucement

    • I agree. Posting every single day sounds too much for me too. But I took it as a challenge for 2020.
      Well, you can try to include inspirational quotes once in a while. And, some real life stories for inspiration. Just an idea that came into my mind.


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