Weekly Recap: 22 November 2020

Welcome to Book & Corner!

Another week has gone by. The cold has started hitting hard over here in Delhi, India. Cosy Jumpers, and hot chocolate are back for good.

Weekly wrap-ups have become an essential part of Book & Corner. What started out as a fun post to check off from my blogging checklist, became a weekly thing. All thanks to my lovely fellow bloggers out there, who have constantly inspired me. Thanks a lot.

Let’s get started.

Blog posts I posted this week

Blog Posts this week:

I posted a little less this week because of some prior work commitments. I guess I still have to learn scheduling posts as I first confessed I don’t do in this post.

On Monday, I posted my Mid-November Wrap in which I talked about the books I have finished reading till now.

Yesterday, I posted a long awaited book review of Girl In White Cotton by Avni Doshi , a booker prize nominee. Neither did I particularly enjoy reading nor did I understand the writing of this book.

Books I am reading

Book I am currently reading:

Bear Town


Bear Town is one of the coldest place hidden beneath forests where there are no jobs. Only thing that is important to the people is Ice Hockey that is their only hope to revive their forgotten place. I am currently getting to know the characters because there are a lot. I’m patiently waiting for the actual hook of the book. I might have to read something else along with this one.

Movies/TV Shows I watched this week

Holidate (2020)

This movie gives a good holiday feel complimenting with a happy ending which I love.

Christmas Made to Order (2018)

This is a feel good movie and I really enjoyed watching it. It is filled with Christmas vibes and it is going into my Christmas movies list.

Quote of the Week

“Never trust people who don’t have something in their lives that they love beyond all reason.”  – Fredrik Backman

Anticipated Blog Posts for Next Week

  • BlogMas Announcement
  • Debut Books of 2020
  • My Recent Kindle Haul

I hope I am not giving away much. Stay Tuned!

How has your November been so far? Do you like wrap-up posts? Do you do wrap-ups on your blog, if you have one? Have you read any of these books? If not, any of these titles interest you?

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