The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides: Review ★★★★.5

Alicia Berenson is an artist and Gabriel is a photographer. They seem to have a perfect life together. One day, when Gabriel returned late from the shoot, Alicia shot him five times. It is from that day that Alicia stops talking. She is kept at a forensic unit, the Groove away from the public eye because now she is famous. She is always high on medication, doesn’t respond to anything or anyone until a psychotherapist Theo arrives. Why did she kill Gabriel? Or, did she even kill him?

“The aim of therapy is not to correct the past, but to enable the patient to confront his own history, and to grieve over it. — ALICE MILLER”

Theo is a forensic psychotherapist who wants to help Alicia. He joins the Groove in anticipation that it would bring him closer to Alicia and hopefully she confides in him, tell him the truth about Gabriel and about everything. He receives a warm welcome at The Groove and is granted permission to treat Alicia. Why? Because Alicia is an important patient if Theo by some stroke of luck succeeds, the Grove will see its Golden Years. Only Theo didn’t realise that a lot is at stake. Alicia is quiet for a reason and she will speak for a reason. 

The Silent Patient is more than a psychological thriller. To be able to study the mind and analyse the patient’s action is a science. This is the foremost reason I find this book amazing because it is very well researched. The author has introduced psyschology concepts for a reason.The core of the book remains constant throughout and the characters substantiate the psychological understanding of the human mind. 

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive, and will come forth later, in uglier ways. —SIGMUND FREUD”

If you have read a book that has some brilliant twists and turns, I’m sure this book is going to top that. The plot is gripping since the beginning and with every twist, another string of mystery latches itself to the emotional quotient of the book. I really enjoyed every page of this book. It is a stellar debut and keeps one on the toes. The twists and turns leave an impact on the reader and the ending is simply brilliant. It takes some time to process the ending of this book. Not ever once did I want to pull myself away from the book. The silence of Alicia kept twitching me and drawing me inside her diary to know more about her past, hunting for a clue as to why she isn’t speaking.

Read it or Skip it?

If you haven’t picked up already I urge you to read it and I’ll add you to my fan club that I have in my mind ever since I have read this book. 

Do you read thriller books? Have you read this one ? Why do you think Alicia stopped talking?

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