4 Books I loved in October ’20: Wrap-Up

October has been a productive month reading-wise. I had a good mix of mystery, funny, fiction and non-fiction this month. No spooky reads for me this last month, I wonder why? I read a total of 5 books, out of which three were rated above 4★. I’m happy that I finished a Booker Prize nominee finally. Also, if you have been around Book & Corner lately, you’d know that I am also co-hosting a Backman Book Club on Instagram for which the book I finished is Anxious People.

I’m sure by the sound of it, last month seems like a great reading month, isn’t it? Without furthur ado, let’s review my books for October.

Girl in White Cotton by Avni Doshi: ★★★

Girl in White Cotton is a hard-hitting, unsettling, and uncontrollably awkward book.  The story depicts a troublesome relationship between a mother and a daughter. Antara and Tara can’t stand each other. Antara despises her mother – Tara as she doesn’t fit in the stencil of a mother. She has abused Antara, strangled her, left her in the ashram all alone as she dilly dallied her way in hippie style.

In the present, Tara is losing her memory slowly. At times, she doesn’t recognise her daughter. Her lost memories pinch Antara in the gut. Not because she is looking for a way to reconcile with her mother. But, she struggles to paint the otherwise faded memory of her mother back in her life. This is it! Nothing more. Don’t expect this book to impress you because it didn’t impress me that much.

The Silent Patient by  Alex Michaelides: ★★★★.5

Alicia Berenson is an artist and Gabriel is a photographer. They seem to have a perfect life together. One day, when Gabriel returns late from the shoot, Alicia shot him five times. It is from that day that Alicia stops talking. She is kept at a forensic unit, the Groove away from the public eye because now she is famous. She is always high on medication, doesn’t respond to anything or anyone until a psychotherapist Theo arrives. Why did she kill Gabriel? Or, did she even kill him?

I really enjoyed every page of this book. It is a stellar debut and keeps one on the toes. The twists and turns leave an impact on the reader and the ending is simply brilliant. It takes some time to process the ending of this book.

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman: ★★★★


On the eve of New Year’s, a bank robber goes to a bank in search for only to realise it is a cashless bank. Panicked by the situation and the impending consequences, the bank robber runs into an apartment. After the attempt of failed robbery, it is time for another failed hostage situation. In short, this story is about idiots like us trying to survive in every way possible.

I’m in awe of Fredrik Backman as a writer. The simplicity of his writing, the gripping and intelligent plot-line with lots of emotional melodrama is what this book is about. Certainly, this book is one of my best books of the month

The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa: ★★★.5


This story is about a sweet friendship between a mathematics professor, a housekeeper and her son – Root. The housekeeper has been hired to take care of the professor. In the process she becomes affectionate towards him. The only problem is that his memory last only eighty minutes.

The bond between the housekeeper’s son and the professor is pure and unconditional. Within the span of eighty minutes, they go to football games, arranges birthday party and build a connection that leaves a mark on the professor heart. He transfers his love for numbers to Root, gives him homework, teaches him problem solving techniques. Root being devoid of any fatherly love develops fondness for the professor. His efforts in keeping alive the football players for the professor are adorable to read. This book can get confusing if you don’t like mathematics but nonetheless it is an endearing story that will certainly leave a smile on your face.

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo: ★★★★★


Kim Jiyoung is a story of every women from all walks of life. The author presents a fictionalised account of the character, Kim Jiyoung brilliantly complimenting with the facts unveiling the true face of the issues still persisting in our society. The story starts from 2016 backtracking the stages of Kim Jiyoung highlighting the struggles faced by many women at every stage.

I could relate to every word in the book. Through the guise of Kim Jiyoung, the author subtly sheds light upon patriarchy in the Korean society and trust me it doesn’t feel like a story of foreign land. The grandmother loving the male siblings, sisters sacrifice their future so their brothers could study, husbands feel like having an upper hand in marriages and many more situations from your neighbourhood are put up in the front of us by the author. I’m glad I read this book. A must-read by every individual.

Have you read any of these books? Has October been kind to you? How has your reading been last month? Any particular book you enjoyed? Did your October reads were spooky? Leave a link of your wrap-ups below. Hit the like button if you like this post. Leave comments if you want to start a conversation about any of these books.

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13 thoughts on “4 Books I loved in October ’20: Wrap-Up

  1. I’m absolutely adding Girl in the White Cotton and Kim Jiyoung to my TBR list – both sounds fantastic despite a little apart from my typical reads. Consider me a brand new and avid follower, I love finding books outside of what I pick up normally. And you are very convincing reviews. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot. I am really happy that I could of any help in choosing books for yourself.
      I hope you enjoy Kim Jiyoung and please let me know your thoughts on Girl in the White Cotton. I would love to have a discussion on that with you. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. It looks like you’ve read some great books. I’m really intrigued by The Silent Patient! It looks like such a GREAT read. I love psychological thrillers like that – they draw me in and are usually the books that I just can’t put down, binging until I’m done lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • You must read The Silent Patient. It’s amazing. This was my first psychological thriller so it didn’t let me down. I know I have already convinced you enough but I’ll post a full review to convince you more. 😅


  3. I think I have read The Housekeeper and the Professor many years ago and I loved it. Some of these other books might be a big too strong themed for me to read, but I look forward to reread The Housekeeper and the Professor (I’m pretty sure it was it, I read it in Italian so the title was different, not an exact translation).

    Liked by 1 person

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