Weekly Recap: 13 September 2020

Mostly lazing around as I write this post. I feel pretty laid back today not willing to move an inch. So, expect a lot more of relaxation while I head over to my current reads.

This week has been reasonably great. I did get a lot of reading done. Though I didn’t write at all. Zero words. Zilch. Without further ado, let me recapitulate my week.

Blog posts this week:

  • On Tuesday I posted a book review on Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami. I had high expectations from this book but in spite of taking up such a powerful theme, it didn’t do justice to itself. The book felt strangely weird after a point almost defeating its purpose. Check out my review and let me know your thoughts on this.
  • Wednesday is dedicated to WWW Wednesday. I posted reading updates of the week as usual.
  • Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell won the 25th Women’s Prize for fiction on 9th September. I couldn’t control my excitement and ended up posting about it.
  • I am trying to inculcate the habit of refurbishing my older book reviews. In an attempt of doing that, I remodelled the book review of an old favourite book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
  • On Friday I posted my review on The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. It is based on a true story of Lale Sokolov who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp. Neither it is a written that well not it is praised by many. But I think this book should be read for the story Heather Morris tried to convey.

Books I have read this week:

1. Women At Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

I loved this book. A highlight of my week. It is a story of Firdaus, a prostitute who killed a man. Right from her childhood, she has been abused, mistreated, and waiting to die.  It is a daunting, and unsettling read. It had me terrorized. My facial expression while reading was horror-stricken. It is a story that will stay with me for some time.

2. Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal

Sometimes fun, sometimes intense, mystery, patriarchy, crime, love, loss, and many other things. Everything is packed together in this captivating book. A multi-faceted, solid theme brilliantly complimented with a gripping plot.

3. Milk Teeth by Amrita Mahale

Kartik and Ira are childhood friends living in Matunga, Mumbai.  Reunited after 13 years, they rekindle their friendship and decide to marry. Soon they discover their love but not for each other against the backdrop of Bombay turning into Mumbai.

Favourite Quote of the Week

“It was easy to believe that a mother’s love was unconditional, which made it alright to challenge her, correct her, laugh at her. Fathers were more complicated. Their love, once earned, had to be sustained. It had to be sheltered from the glare of truth.”

Amrita Mahale, Milk Teeth

Book Of the Week:

Certainly my book of the week is Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal. I enjoyed reading this book. Light-hearted touching upon serious issues and women emancipation. What more to look for!

Anticipated Book for Next Week:

Ever since the trailer is dropped, Rebecca has been on my immediate next reading pile.

How has you week been? Have you read any of these books? If not, any of these titles interest you?

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