Finding Fiction Friday #1

We have recommended books to our friends, colleagues and family at some point. Some books are absolutely must read that we can’t stop talking about. Some books take their own time and slowly make way to our recommended pile. This series is about finding all those books.

Finding Fiction Friday is a weekly meme about recommending a book. It can be a recent read or an old favourite. Write up your post and include this description. Don’t forget to link me up in the post so that I can add your post and we all can get more books to add to our reading pile.

For today’s recommendation, I have a book in mind which I read way back in 2019 and immensely loved. My sister picked it up on my constant persuasion and her reaction was no different.

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Kafka Tamura, a fifteen-year-old abandons his home to embark upon a journey in the quest of something, something which makes him feel free, something which gives him a profound comprehension of himself, something which absolves him of the devastating prophecy and something which gives meaning to his otherwise meaningless life. Nakata is an old man who has lost the ability to read or write but possesses the ability to communicate with cats. Nakata has other strange abilities which he discovers during his journey to Takamatsu. Is it destined for Kafka and Nakata to cross paths? 

I remember loving this book very much, immersing in the plot till the very end. The book is filled with sentiments, sometimes being hysterically joyous and sometimes being heart breaking . It is definitely a 5 star for me and I can’t stop recommending this book till now.
Click on this link to read my full review.

I am nominating some of the bloggers below whom I think would really be interested in this. Please feel free to participate and don’t feel obliged just because of the nomination.

Happy Reading,

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