4 ways to beat the scorching heat

The temperature is soaring high day by day. To top it off, the heat wave comes with humidity where I live. I am a person of zero tolerance of humidity, my hair becomes frizzy, my skin feels dull and don’t get me started on my productivity. If you feel the same read along because today I’m sharing some of the things I am incorporating to make my life easier this summer.

  • Stay hydrated

This is the mantra of surviving summers. Drink water! Lots of it. Whenever you can. All the time. If water gets boring, you can experiment with your drinks yourself. I have started making my version of virgin mojito with cucumber and mint leaves at home. True it is not restaurant-esque but it’s very refreshing.


Raspberry juice with lemon slices

  • Eat the right food

Include foods in your diet like water melon, Raspberries, Pineapple, Cucumber, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Broccoli, Spinach which has high water content.

  • Carry essentials when outside

Protecting your skin from the heat is as important as anything. Always carry rosewater, or aloe vera with you when you are going out in the sun. Apply on the skin whenever you feel the heat is getting the better of your skin. I use Kama’s Ayurvedic Rosewater and Patanjali’s aloe vera gel.

I know we always forget this part but do make sure you carry an umbrella. Trust me, I never leave home without an umbrella neither should you.

  • Go cool with clothes

Summers are all about experimenting with prints, patterns and designs. Few things we need to keep in mind to get summer dressed.

  1. Don’t wear clothes which cling to your skin, let your skin breathe.
  2. Wear cool colours like Lavender, Light blue, Purple, Rose, Off white, Pale pink etc.
  3. Don’t over do with clothes. Minimalism always stands out.

That’s all what I have for today.

Let me know if you try any of these things in the comments.

Happy Summers!

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