South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami ★★★

You know you are reading a Murakami when you feel you are lost in the world of a pensive mood nostalgic enough to make you emotional, melancholic and composed. Being a regular Murakami reader I have noticed that he has a distinct style when it comes to writing. Even though the elements are very much traceable from his previous narratives yet while reading one might be left with a sense of profound amazement and admiration of the words.

This book is no different. The setting of the novel is a typical Murakami frame with music, cats, broken characters and ambiguity between real and fantasy. The story is the journey of Hajime, a middle aged man somewhat happily married, retrospecting his loneliness, insecurities, dissociation and remorse. He traces down his past wrong doings in the guise of Shimamoto, his childhood companion with whom he relates the most as she reappears in his life mysteriously bringing in the unfulfilled desires and promises.

The story has many loose ends and one might be left wondering or confused for a moment but that’s the beauty of a Murakami. No matter how familiar or confusing it gets, you want to read it more.

I would recommend this for readers who would like to experience the Murakami world in brevity.

Rating: 3/5

Have your read this book?Leave comments below if you have any thoughts to share.

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