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Greetings, Bookworms!

I have been nominated by the very lovely Aditi @ Dreamy Reads for the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award. Aditi has given me major blogging goals during her Blogmas series. She has posted some amazing book reviews up on her blog, so go check her blog and do yourself a favor.

Coming back to the award which sounds to me as a mark of spreading happiness and love. Well, all I can say is that I am overwhelmed with joy. I am extremely thankful to Aditi for considering me. This is my very first nomination and will always be close to my heart. Quickly, let me revisit the rules once again. So, here we go.

• Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
• Answer the questions sent to you.
• Nominate around ten bloggers.
• Create your set of questions for your nominees.
• List the rules and display the Brotherhood Of The World logo in your post

Let’s start with the questions.

1 – Briefly explain your blogging style (where your favorite blogging spot/tools – as in, on the couch using your smartphone or something).

I usually make drafts on my iPad and for the final post, I use my laptop. I usually write when no one is around because I need silence to think. Anything around me creates a distraction and I like to be at peace while blogging. My favorite blogging spot is my bed and a fuzzy blanket during winters.

2 – How do you manage your blogging time including blog reading time?

Honestly, I don’t. I like to scroll through WordPress Reader whenever I get time. I carry my iPad during the day so it makes it easier for me to read blogs.

3 – Who is your most read author?

I have a nick for classics. Jane Austen is one of my most read author with Brontë sisters being a close second. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book by Jane Austen.

4 – How did you come up with your blog name?

Book & Corner has no mystery behind its name. I have been an introvert and like to remain miles away from the limelight. I found my niche in books and reading corners so it became my social handle.

5 – What keeps you blogging?

My fondness for reading. And, through Book & Corner, I intend to encourage people to read more, have discussions and maybe, come up with new perspectives altogether.

I have been rambling for quite some time now. So, let me go straight to my set of questions. I am retaining the questions I want to read about and modifying a few.

  1. Briefly explain your blogging style (where your favorite blogging spot/tools – as in, on the couch using your smartphone or something).
  2. How did you come up with your blog name?
  3. Which is your most read genre?
  4. Which is your favorite thing about blogging?
  5. Do you have blogging goals?If yes, mention a few. If not, why not?

I nominate The Dreamgirl Writes, Lorryn @ Reading Parental and Emma @ Thoughts of a Brown Eyed Girl.

It feels nice to write your first nomination. So, thank you Aditi once again for giving me this opportunity. And, thank you all the readers for taking out time. I hope these questions find you in good health. Let me know in the comments if you have any blogging goals for the year.

Happy (Nominee) Reading!

17 thoughts on “Award |Brotherhood Of The World

  1. Aw, you sweet thing! Thank you so much for the nomination. 💕💕I’ve actually already been nominated for this award and, at the moment, I have three different ones to post, but I’ll definitely try to get to this sometime soon. I love your questions and your answers – great post!

    Happy reading, lovely!

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